Project Curb Appeal

I posted before about some of the work we were doing to improve the “curb appeal” of our house. We added shutters and painted the front door. In addition, my Aunt Cheryl visited a few months ago and gave us some free landscaping advice (she’s a landscape designer extraordinaire). I took good mental notes.

While we plan on tearing out most of the current landscaping in the front, the yews had to go first. Yews are nasty bushes, basically like the cockroaches of the bush world. Meaning, they defy all reason and live and grow, no matter what happens.

Two weekends ago we chainsawed down the yews. Yay! It was nice to see the front of the house for once.

The stumps live on…

The next weekend Andy (with the help of his ever faithful pal Lane) had to do the hard part…get the stumps and roots of the yew up and out.

This was no easy feat, but they accomplished it. FYI that’s just one of like 5 stumps they removed.

Meanwhile, my mom and Lane’s wife Jess came with me to help me pick out new bushes.  We went to Lowes and picked out some boxwoods and something else I can’t pronounce. I ended up going back to get a holly bush too when the boys got ambitious and tore out another bush.

Did you know that there are boy and girl holly bushes? And that if you want the pretty red berries they are known for you have to plant one of each? Nor did I.

After hours outside this was our result!

Pssst…can you see the front door! Andy also removed the storm door. It’s kind of shaded so here is a better look:

Thus we complete phase one (of probably about ten) of Project Curb Appeal. Next spring we will tear out the rest of the bushes and add a border. Other tasks:

1. Paint the railing white (we might replace it, but that sounds complicated)

2. Replace the rickety bench with something…not rickety.

3. Change the light fixtures.

4. Change the mailbox.

We’re getting there!


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