Just How We Pictured It

A lot of DIY and home improvement projects don’t turn out quite how you plan. Sometimes they are better, or worse, mostly just different. But sometimes the final result is precisely what you had in mind.

A year or so ago, one of Andy’s clients sent him this crazy awesome print of a photo he [the client] took.

I didn’t even see it for the longest time. It was just wrapped up in this tube. I knew that it was a photo of the Chicago skyline and that the print was huge, like 8 feet long. At the time we were in an apartment and didn’t want to figure out where to put it since we knew we’d be moving.

In our house, we are fortunate to have a main living room that has a vaulted ceiling and big, long walls.

I love the open and airiness of the main living space but the walls definitely needed something to match the size. Oh hello, we have a giant print that was free and is [allegedly] awesome. For the last few months Andy and I have been planning on figuring out a way to frame the print. He asked someone at work how much it would cost and it was astronomical. I don’t remember what they said. Let’s just say it was like a million dollars. Not going to happen.

So what does Handy Andy do?

He builds his own frame.

He took the painting to Hobby Lobby, and we paid $40 to have it mounted onto foam board.

Then he bought some kind of steel, grommets and screws, and put it all together to fit the print. Then he and his friend Brian held it to the wall and screwed in the predetermined holes. It was way more complicated than I am making it sound. I would have hung the picture up with scotch tape. In total he spent about $80, plus the $40 for the foam board = $120 for a custom frame for a massive print we got for free.

It looks. So. Cool. Caps intended. It’s like it was made for this room, before we even knew we would have this room. Even the paint colors we choose go with it.

The picture is of the Chicago skyline, taken at night, when a storm is rolling in [the clouds are to the right of the picture]. Word is this photo was taken with a $40,000 camera, and the file is so big that you can see individual people inside the skyscraper. Insane.

Of course, the photo looks better in person than in another photo, especially one taken by a $100 iPhone. So you should come by and see it for yourself. I’ll even let you stand on my couch to get a close look.


3 thoughts on “Just How We Pictured It

  1. Diane Schultz says:

    Becca dear, I don’t know how to do all those things you use. I have to be old fashioned and simple. That is a beautiful photo, and it is perfect in that spot. Yes, we want to see it one of these days! Andy, a fantastic job. Love, Grandma

  2. Jenna Kotarski says:

    What did Andy use for the frame? I have a (much smaller and less impressive) photo of the Boston skyline that I have not been able to find a frame for and whatever material you used looks like just what I want.

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