How to Get a (Almost) Free Weber Smoker

This story proves that going out of your way to buy the best bacon is worth it.

A few weeks ago I was rushing [always] home from work. We were going to have BLTs for dinner. I had planned to drive to my favorite grocery store to buy thick cut bacon from their meat counter. But I was running late [always] and I was really tempted to stop at the horrible Jewel [no seriously, this Jewel is the worst] on the way home and just buy a pack of bacon.  But I decided no, if I’m going to eat bacon, I want to eat the best. So I kept my speed at 9 over the limit and pressed on.

On my way, just a few blocks from my house, I saw an old grill on the side of the road, clearly set out to get rid of it. We have a friend who collects and fixes up Weber grills to sell. I didn’t have his phone number so I called Andy to tell him to tell our friend. Andy decided HE would like to have an old grill so he would stop to get it.

Fine, whatever, I had bacon on my mind.

Andy brought the grill home and soon realized there was something unique.

#1 it looked really old. #2 it had a DEMO stamp on the top.

Our Weber aficionado friend encouraged Andy to look into the history of the grill.

Fast forward.

A day later, Andy contacted Weber and told them what he had. A VP emailed him and said they’d “like to add it to their collection.” [Yes apparently they have a museum or hallway of old grills or something.]

Whoa. I found this thing on the side of the road?

Andy did a little more research and found out that Weber won’t pay for a grill to “come home” but they often will trade you a new grill for your collectible one.

And sometimes, when your husband is a really good negotiator, they’ll trade you for 75 percent of the nicest smoker they make. Andy made me pose after a run with the smoker to show how big it is.

That’s right. We traded the old grill we found on the side of the road for almost the cost of a high-end smoker [the smoker retails for around $500 and we paid $150 for it]. We were planning on getting a smoker too, just not one this nice, so that works out extra well.

We used it last weekend and it was great! Definitely an all day endeavor and I’m sure we will get better with more practice.

The moral of this story is good things happen when you refuse to settle. For sub par bacon. Hmm…can we smoke bacon?


3 thoughts on “How to Get a (Almost) Free Weber Smoker

  1. Tricia says:

    Yay for an incredible smoker, and what an incredible deal! As for your question about smoking up some bacon (which you may not have expected an answer to)…bacon is made from pork belly. (I’ve bought pork belly at some of the markets before. It really hasn’t been that hard to find.) If you slice it really thin and smoke it, that would pretty much be bacon. We take a different approach, though…we just smoke up the hunk of meat. It ends up being slightly different than bacon as we know it (since it’s a hunk of meat rather than thin strips of meat), but it’s still incredibly yummy!

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