Hello Windows…

Before we bought our house we knew we had some major expenses in front of us. Besides a brand new kitchen, pretty much all the “majors” were at the end of their life. Furnace, air conditioner, roof, etc. Thankfully, the inspection revealed some safety concerns about the HVAC so the previous owners replaced that out of their own pocket.

One of the big expenses was replacing ALL the windows in the house. It had to be done. We had four or five different window guys come to give us quotes and every single one made a comment about how they were the worst windows they’d ever seen. My favorite comment was, “windows? what windows! it’s like you have no windows.” How charming.

So as much as I really loved having to use paper towel holders to keep my windows up, we finally decided on a quote, put down a deposit, and went for it. We used a local company we found on Angie’s List. I don’t remember the brand of windows they used. I just remember they are manufactured here in Chicago.

They arrived bright and early last Thursday. From what Andy said, they worked fast!

They removed all our old windows. Andy snagged four of them for a special project – I’ll reveal later this week!

A few hours later they were done! I can now see out my kitchen window! It’s amazing the difference. We have all new windows and screens. The windows are easy to open and they rotate so you can clean the outsides easily. I know that’s probably pretty basic for most houses, but it’s a big deal for me!

Our neighbors are particularly pleased we replaced the front window. You see, the old owners had this giant piece of reflective stuff on the window. On the inside it made the window look like a mirror. And on the outside it just looked weird.

From the inside. Those two chairs are just a placeholder for that space, but I like the general look of it.

I should have been more clear that we replaced almost all the windows. We left two in the back, for nostalgia. Just kidding. These two windows will be turned into a custom sliding door! We used a different company for this, so it should be installed in a few weeks. But for now it’s a good way to see a huge difference between the old and new windows!



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