Personalize an IKEA Media Console

Oh IKEA. What tangled emotions I have for you. I love your cheapness. Your colorfulness. The simplicity of design.


I hate your cheap manufacturing. Your obvious “I’m from IKEA” look and feel. The complicated assembly instructions. How stressed you make my husband.

I don’t want our living room to look too IKEA. We have the couch, a lamp, and a big vase all from there. As much as I love the IKEA display rooms, I really don’t want my house to look like one.

Andy has been talking about mounting our TV and getting a new TV stand for a while now. Our old one was designed for a corner and was ideal for apartment living. We moved that thing four or five times in our marriage and it held up wonderfully. But it didn’t go with our new decor, so we started thinking of something new. Andy wanted to make sure to hide the cords and cables [with about 18 different “boxes” we have a lot…]. He looked online and found different things that would work. But of course, what was the one that fit both our goals and budget the best?…the IKEA version.

Sigh. Thankfully he had a simple idea to help make it a little more us and a little less IKEA.

Out we trekked to the blue and yellow box. It took about an hour to figure out what we wanted exactly, which was a variety of BESTA  pieces. And then a gazillion hours to put it together. Twas a stressful night for the ol Ringers, but we prevailed.

We (and I helped, so we can say we) had to run the cables through the wall so that they would be hidden. This was a pain, because we did it on an outside wall that has insulation.

We decided to do a media console mounted to the wall, using the IKEA rail system. I think it looks really cool and, as a bonus, is easy to clean the floor underneath. Win and win!

Then, to spice it up, Andy stained and installed a wood top to the console. We actually tried a lighter stain too, but decided on this color. We might change our minds. Does it look too similar to the floor? It was a tough decision for us.

I did a little quick decorating of it. Some magazines, a little candy dish (from Crate and Barrel) and a whimsical silver camera from Z Gallerie. I think this will be a great space to do Christmas decor too, including our Nativity scene.

[Yes that is the IKEA magazine on top. It’s a sickness]. I like how Andy took something very IKEA and made a small, inexpensive change to make it a little more personal and unique.

P.S. I am sorry for how awful all the pictures in this room are. I think it’s because the lighting (natural and artificial) is pretty bad. Hopefully we’ll finish the room soon so I can stop posting about it!


5 thoughts on “Personalize an IKEA Media Console

  1. Marie says:

    Really looks terrific and is exactly what we are looking to do. LOVE the addition of the wood top — makes it looks less Ikea-esque — something we want as well. May steal your idea.

  2. Jay says:

    exactly what we are looking for. Can’t find it on Ikea though do you have model numbers or can you tell us how you customized it on Ikea?

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