Access Granted: Turning Windows into a Patio Door

I’ve mentioned before that access to the backyard was a little less than ideal in our house. From the first time we saw the house we were concerned. In order to get to the backyard from inside the house, you had to go through the garage. So if you had a plate of meat to grill or a pitcher of sangria you had to juggle to open three doors – the door from the house to the garage, the door from the garage to the outside, then a screen door. Annoying and something a lot of visitors noticed.

So not only for our own enjoyment of our home and but also for resale value we decided to look into making these two windows in the back room next to the garage into a patio door.

From the inside.

From the outside.

When we had people come in to give us quotes for replacing the windows we asked about the doors. Andy and his dad talked about doing it themselves, but that stressed me out because of the brick work involved and the fact that there would be a huge hole exposed in our house. Call me crazy but I gently pushed to have it professionally done.

The quotes ranged from the “gulp, not happening” to the “we could totally do that – this month.” Guess which quote we picked?

We ordered the custom 7 foot door about a month ago. And last week they came to install!

I wasn’t here for any of it, but it looks like they did a great, professional job.

And here it is!

We hadn’t quite gotten the patio back in order yet.

We’ll eventually get blinds for the window, and Andy wants to tile in front of the door to create more of an entryway. My assumption is that if/when we have kids this will be more of a playroom with shelving for toys, books, etc. So for now the furniture will stay the same until we have a more focused purpose for the room!


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