Sharing is Caring

Hello blog world.

I’ve been busy.

I can’t think of what I’ve been busy with in particular [unless things like work, life, functioning are sufficient answers]. Just busy, all the time. I need to work on that.

But a few random things to share, because sharing is caring:

We tried out Tokio Pub last week for dinner. If you live in the Chicago area and are near Woodfield Mall, you should check it out. Delicious and made me feel cooler than I am.

Trader Joes now has their pumpkin stuff in stock. Pumpkin bread! Pumpkin butter! And even pumpkin cereal bars! Andy had a friend over this week and he remarked that pumpkin treats neither smell nor taste like what actual raw pumpkin tastes or smells like. Uh…I think it’s all the butter, cinnamon and sugar we mix in to pumpkin. Nom.

A small leak with the faucet in the master shower put the fire under us to get going on our master bathroom remodel. We’re not sure how much we are going to DIY and how much we’ll hire out. I’m mainly focused on not having a yellow toilet anymore. Or four different kinds and colors of tile.

I love this night stand idea. Maybe for our guest room? Getting the guest room usable is also high on our to do list. One weekend we’ll get the itch and run with it.

The end!


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