Obligatory Fall Post

I feel a fall post is in order. Because as any true Midwesterner knows, fall is as fleeting as it is special.

Basically, one day it’s 80 degrees outside. Then we get about 3.6 days where you can wear your light sweaters and marvel at the colored leaves and eat everything pumpkin then BAM. It’s snowing outside.

I feel like our neighborhood is just perfect in fall. We have big trees that line both sides of the road. Lots of kids out playing and soaking up the last minutes of daylight. The elementary school is even just around the corner and what is more fall than school?

I noticed earlier this week that our lawn was covered with leaves. I commented to Andy that we should probably rake. He responded that the leaves covered up the weeds in the grass. So they shall stay, at least for a little longer.

I’m not really a big seasonal decorator. I like to add maybe one or two things but you are unlikely to ever find a full on Halloween display in my front yard. So in addition to the lovely fall basket my mom gave me for my birthday last month, I also bought a pumpkin. Hey for $5 I can keep that sucker out until it freezes enough that the pumpkin turns to mush.

My mom came out last weekend to help me plant bulbs. So this picture of the ground is actually a picture of the future home of lots of daffodils and tulips.

And that is about the extent of fall at the Ringing household this  year. Between work, work travel and all our other obligations we will probably be lucky if we remember to buy candy for trick or treaters! Which is in – can you believe it – less than two weeks! Oh fall, you go so fast.



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