Fall Baking

I often joke that food is my love language. I love baking and cooking meals for Andy and for others as an expression of care.

Andy traveled all last week. When  he’s gone I don’t really cook. I eat a mixture of pizza, mac and cheese, cereal and chips and salsa. Not all at the same time. Saturday was his first day home and since it was a nice crisp fall day I was ready to show some love with some fall baking.

Honestly, the recipe I was so excited to make was very blah. I had planned on sharing it with you, but it was nothing special. Pumpkin apple muffins sound so promising, don’t they? Oh well. It was easy to whip up and was significantly better when I spread on pumpkin butter.

Everything is better in muffin form isn’t it?

The best part about this picture [and possibly this post] is the Cinnamon Sugar Grinder. Have you seen this from Trader Joes? It’s the best and you should go get one. I love it on toast, but it’s also great for topping off cookies, breads or muffins.

Now just to figure out how to use up the rest of the can of pumpkin I bought for this recipe…


2 thoughts on “Fall Baking

  1. Jessica says:

    Use the rest in pumpkin pancakes! Make the pancake recipe like normal and just add the rest of the can of pumpkin and some cinnamon. Top the pancakes with some cinnamon and whip cream. 🙂

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