Cross That Off the To-Buy List

In addition to a lengthy “to-do” list for house projects [ranging from gut two bathrooms to touching up trim paint] we have a growing “to-buy” list. As we renovate we can usually get a room to about 50 – 75 percent done with just  paint, repurposing our current furniture/decor or buying something we know we want right away. But then we have to wait until we have the time to hunt for the right pieces to finish a room off.

Last weekend we headed out to Home Decorators, a furniture/decor store we have never visited. We found lots of items worth considering for the office or living room, but all we went home with was a clock.

Ok, it’s a giant clock.

A giant, turquoise clock.


I didn’t even really notice, but apparently Andy had been thinking about how empty this post looked.

Another angle.

When we were out shopping Andy was immediately drawn to the large wall of wall clocks at Home Decorators. In particular, the largest, most turquoise of them all. It wasn’t super cheap, but Andy rarely finds a decor item that he is that interested in.

So lucky us, they had one in the back and we took it home.

It was actually kind of hard to hang as it is big and heavy. However, Andy figured it out 😉

Once we had it up we decided we did not like how it looked with that picture frame so close. So we moved it!

One of my renovation jobs is to patch little holes and paint them. As easy as that is, it took me two days to get that done, so I could take a final picture!

Now you can see the time from the couch. I also like how the color and style of the clock closely resembles that of this vase we bought months ago. No one but us will notice that, but that’s ok.

Glad we can cross giant clock off our to-buy list. Now we just need a cozy office chair, a rug for the office, chairs or a couch for the living room picture window, a bedroom rug, guest bedroom everything…


2 thoughts on “Cross That Off the To-Buy List

  1. Straight Out Of Compton says:

    Given Andy is wearing a shirt in the first picture and is not in the second, I am beginning to think that he takes his shirt off specifically for blog action shots…

    That or Andy never wears a shirt except for usually when we are over 🙂

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