I decided to return the vintage lamp I ordered from CB2. Honestly, if I had loved it I would have paid even more. But I didn’t so I made the trek to Lincoln Park to return it. And let me just say this suburbanite could not wait to get out of the city. I’ll take huge parking lots over threats posted in the bathroom about getting towed any day of the week.

Anyways, once I decided I was going to return the lamp, I started the hunt for a new office desk lamp. And then Andy got a totally awesome surprise.

A Lamp in a Box!

LIAB is one of Andy’s clients. He must be a good guy to work with because they very generously offered him a free lamp (in a box). How cool is that?

How it works – you visit their website. You can customize your own lampshade or they have a lot of preloaded options. It looks like they have different options for lamp bases even. Price for a customized lamp seems to be from $39 – $69 – totally in line with what you would pay for a lamp at HomeGoods or Target. You can just buy the shade too if you already have a base you like.

I think it would be so cool to create a custom lamp shade, but neither of us had the mental energy to think about that. So I picked out one they had on the site for simplicity sake. Since the room is pretty modern and the walls are a bright color I thought something grayscale would work best. The web site is very easy to use. It will show you exactly what the image will look like when it is wrapped on a shade. Because if you like an image flat you might not like how it looks wrapped in a cylinder shape. Very nice feature.

The lamp came in a box. Duh. But it was a cool box.

I loved how the instructions were printed right on the box. Nothing to lose or guess about. Great design.

It literally took less than a minute to assemble the clock and that includes running to the basement to get a light bulb (not included). A child could easily put this together – or say, me.

I chose a picture of the Brooklyn bridge. I thought the angles would go well with our modern desk. Here is one side of it.

And the other. Don’t you like how the black and white pop off the turquoise? It adds interest without competing.

And here is it from afar.

All lit up.

Not lit up.

Big thanks to Lamp in a Box! I am a fan.


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