My Little Pumpkin Patch

Maybe it’s just because this is the first year I have a porch to decorate, but I have never noticed that they “make” non-orange pumpkins. For my whole life pumpkins have always looked the same. Orange. Oh and they make these mini pumpkins which are orange. But that’s as crazy as I’d ever seen.

Then all the sudden this year I started seeing a wide…diversity…of pumpkins. Striped pumpkins. Green pumpkins. Yellow pumpkins. Even blue ones!

I started out just buying one traditional pumpkin. There, I’ve decorated for fall I thought.

Then I picked up a cool green one.

Well and then I needed this striped one.

Andy is cutting me off from pumpkin buying [not officially, but the multiple comments about how I keep buying pumpkins are making the point ] so here is my little collection. They make me smile when I get home from work, or the grocery store, or just walking to the curb. And I’m sure my wonderful husband would say my smile is worth an average of $6 a pumpkin. Wait – no honey –  I did not spend $8 on that striped pumpkin. Look away…

Happy Harvest!


2 thoughts on “My Little Pumpkin Patch

  1. Dad says:

    If Andy does’t see the value of pumpkins, you can always suggest he watch the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association (WCPCA) on cable. ;-)) Or, watch a pumpkin going 300 mph hit a van on youtube .

    P.S. Your mom has three striped pumpkins stacked on the front steps, plus two big traditional orange pumpkins, plus innumerable little ones all over the inside of the house. And, one of the children was once called “pumpkin.”

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