It’s Pumpkin Time

Once a month or so our small group tries to have a “social.” We often talk a big talk about all the fun activities we could do. And then we end up just talking, joking around and eating.

And while that is a perfectly acceptable way to spend a Wednesday evening, it’s nice to mix it up once in a while.

My dear, precious, wonderful friend Stef loves fall. Like LOVES it. And the Lord Jesus put it on her heart to make sure we all appreciated the glory of fall by making one of our socials a fall themed event.

We all gathered at her and Dan’s new house and had a great time eating pumpkin things, talking, laughing and enjoying all the kids and babies hanging around. Until they all conked out of course.

But the main attraction that Stef REALLY wanted to do was carve pumpkins. I have to admit I was a little surprised by how everyone got into it!

I shouldn’t really be surprised though because wherever our husbands gather they create a competition. And when they are competing they are into it.

Andy looks so aggressive with that giant knife. Apparently the other guys all took the more appropriate carving tools so that is what he was left with. Sad.

All the pumpkins lined in! We have, from left to right: a bat, a Rorschach test (it can be anything you want it to be), a ghost, a name, a classic jack o lantern, and a creepy murderer pumpkin. I love them all!

Spooooooooky! Ok maybe just the one on the right.

Thanks to Stef for forcing us to enjoy the season. Happy Halloween everyone!


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