Goodbye String Globe Chandelier

It’s the end of an era in our household.

The time of the string chandelier is done. Fare thee well globe…

Ok moving on now. We replaced our string chandelier!

Andy and I had briefly talked about potentially looking for a new chandelier at some point in an undefined future. The string one was really fun to make and I loved how it was a statement piece. But because of some small mistakes we made when making it we knew that we’d probably have to redo it at some point or replace it. Which is ok. It was cheap to make and it’s one of our most viewed posts, so hopefully it helped one of you.

We have way higher priorities than chandelier shopping though, so neither of us were actively looking. On Monday Andy was scrolling through Craigslist and came upon a post for a West Elm chandelier that I had seen before, and liked, but didn’t pull the trigger on. It was originally $399 and then went on clearance for $199.99 I think.

We did the whole Craigslist back and forth, found out the seller lives just a few blocks from us. $75 later it was ours! The owner had never even taken it out of the box! Easy, awesome, meant to be.

Until we tried to put it up. That was where the easy part ended and the “was this a good idea” began.

I won’t go into details, but getting the new chandelier installed was hard. If you want to buy a house with a vaulted ceiling and the current ugly chandelier is off-center from the dining room you created by knocking down  a wall…well…it’s going to be a huge pain to replace that chandelier. And it may or may not involve putting a ladder on a table and holding up the new chandelier until your arms figuratively fall off. Twas not a fun night in our household.

Here’s the old chandelier in all it’s string-tastic glory. It’s so pretty. I really like it and hope we use it somewhere else in our house.

And here is the new one.

I think we are still deciding how we feel. I definitely like the piece and am glad we snagged it. We can always use it in another room [the height is adjustable]. It’s not quite as much of an attention getter as the globe was, but now we have more decor going on so that might be okay. I don’t know!

Another angle.

At night. It provides more light than the one bulb string globe. However because of the shades the light tends to go down. So it’s a little hard to decide what’s right.

The good news is between both chandeliers we are barely scratching $100, so there is lots of room to change it out later on if we decide we want something else. Our new dining room table is being delivered today [yay!] so I also want to see how they look together. It’s a farmhouse feel and the chandelier is modern, so it could be awesome or it could be weird. Preferably awesome.


6 thoughts on “Goodbye String Globe Chandelier

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  2. Julie Jensen says:

    Ummm…I’m a little concerned as we are just about to use the directions on your blog to make our own string globe chandelier. The picture of your string globe before you took it down is nothing like the one of when you first hung it up! What mistakes did you make in making it (you mentioned yo had made mistakes in your new chandelier blog post). Please help as we are hours away from starting our own string globe 😦

    • BecccaDing says:

      Put the plastic mold in it before you hang it. That’s what we did wrong. We got impatient and hung it before that was in. There was too much weight at the top. Let it harden. Does that help? -becca

      • Julie Jensen says:

        Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it! Ok, I’m guessing by ‘plastic mold’ you are meaning the clear acetate that was on your supply list. I remember you saying that it had sagged a bit after a few days because you didn’t put it in right away. And are you meaning let the globe itself harden for longer before you hang it as a light fixture? Sorry for all the questions but yours is the only blog post that has any kind of clear instructions on it. Again, thanks for the replies and for your blog. I really enjoy your posts 🙂

      • BecccaDing says:

        Yes that’s what I meant! Sorry, was on the go when you commented and didn’t want to wait to reply! Do not hang without the clear acetate. It helps to distribute the weight of the globe. And yes let it harden sufficiently. You may want to find find a clear coat spray to add on, if we did again we’d do that. I’m sure it will look great! I’d love to see a picture and do a follow up post! -Becca

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