You’re Invited to Dinner!

When would you like to join us for dinner? I would love to share some homemade pizza with you at my brand new dining room table!

So this room is actually really awkward to get a good picture of, but I tried my hardest!

Before I show more pictures, let’s back up.

A new dining table was HIGH on my list when we moved into the house. I was just tickled we bought a house with an actual dining room, albeit not a huge one. A lot of houses we looked at only had eat-in kitchens.

We had been using a Target clearance table find that we snagged before we even got married. That table was perfect for all three of the apartments we lived in. We got a lot of compliments on it. However, it was starting to show the wear of multiple moves. It also did not fit more than 4 people easily, although we could squeeze 6. But I wanted a table that would allow us to host our families for birthdays and holidays.

I shopped for months. I loved rustic tables like this one from West Elm.

But not only are most tables like this pretty expensive [over 1k just for the table, plus chairs we were looking at least $3k up to 6k] they also usually don’t have extensions. I needed a table that would look normal in the dining room for 6 people, but that we could squeeze 10 or more people at for a party.

We looked into building our own table too like the one below [ok Andy looked into it] but decided that it still wouldn’t solve the extension issue and our time was probably better spent on other projects.

So, not having found anything that fit the wallet and my requirements, we wandered over to a local store called Classic Oak Designs. It’s mostly Amish made furniture in very classic styles [aka not my style.] However, the prices are amazing for the most part. So we went. And what do you know, we found one table that I loved and fit our needs! And yesterday it arrived! Oh and the best part – it was under $1400!

Overhead shot from the staircase. I actually really like how the chandelier goes with it now. I think having a bigger table helps. We also twisted the chandelier a little so it is as centered as possible without making holes in the ceiling.

From the kitchen angle. Andy’s laptop was set up there because he was so happy the chairs are comfortable! They have a brownish leather seat.

The table itself has a few little details to make it special. I loved these little brass accents on it. That seam there is right where the extension comes out. It’s called a butterfly extension. Basically the 18″ extension folds in half [hamburger style] in the table. I love that it’s so easy to extend. No trekking to the basement to find the leaves.

It also has a little bit of that distressed look to it, which if you read this post you know we’ve been known to do it intentionally to things like shelves.

One of our strong preferences for dining tables is to have the legs in the middle, not at the four corners. This allows us to seat more people and no one has that awkward between the legs seat. It also gives the table a farmhouse feel, which fits with other decor elements we have going on.

I’m happy the table made it here well before the holidays! We don’t usually host too much but I am looking forward to decorating my new home, and my new table!


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