It Begins: Master Bathroom Reno

When we were house hunting, master bath was not on our wish list. It maybe was on some list called “in your dreams” list. You see, in our preferred town, things like walk in closets and master baths are highly unusual, and only in recently renovated homes that were 2-4x our price range.

So when we bought a house with a relatively roomy [meaning room to put a bed, two dressers and still walk] master bedroom WITH a walk in closet AND a master bath – I wasn’t about to complain that the bathroom was small.

And really ugly.

And yellow.

And looked like the inside of the “Ugly Tiles Factory.”

We are thankful for it. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have eyes. And our eyes could see this bathroom needed gutting.

Just some of the issues with the bathroom:

1. The yellow toilet [the seat is cushy…so it always feels warm. which is weird. and sort of nice.]

2. The – count ’em – four different kinds of tile used on the floors [see above], walls, shower walls, and shower floor.

3. Lack of a bathroom fan.

4. Tiny.

5. Terrible lighting, including no light in the shower

6. Generally tiny shower that was hard for me to even use.

Before we moved in I removed the wallpaper and painted it bright white. Why? I wasn’t interested in choosing a fun color for such an ugly bathroom. But that’s really all we’ve done.

We obviously bought the house planning on redoing this bathroom. We just didn’t really have a timeline. And then one day – drip, drip, drip. The shower started to drink. A plumber visit later we realized it could only be fixed by replacing a part that would require taking out the shower wall.

And so, Project Bathroom Renovation was on.

Next up, pictures of my least favorite part of any renovation – demolition.


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