Master Bath Reno: Demolition

Honesty time.

I hate demolition.

I know it’s the whole “gets worse before it gets better” thing, but i hate it.

I hate the noise that makes me feel like the house is going to fall down.

I hate the dust.

I hate worrying about someone getting drywall in their eye or accidentally hitting a water line or gas line that floods/blows up the house.

Thankfully,  my only job related to demo is clean  up [and obsessive worrying, don’t forget that].

Last weekend Andy decided it was time to start on our master bathroom renovation.

First he removed the sink and the toilet.

Goodbye yellow toilet! That brown stuff is mostly rust. Don’t worry, I scrubbed it even though Andy took up the tile a few hours later. And that peeling paper? Leftovers from when I removed the wallpaper. That yellow toilet was flush [ha, pun] with the wall, so even my superhero mom could not remove it. Guess I’ll have to do it now…

Andy tore up all the tile. It took him a few hours but from what I hear it wasn’t quite as bad as horror stories we’ve heard. He did it all by hand. We had thought about renting a mini jack hammer but the tile guy was worried it would damage the concrete. So thankfully Andy could do it by hand. [sorry for the blurry pic]

The poor guy spent most of last Sunday pounding at the shower wall. The yellow tile that is still there is the next to come down. That’s the only drywall we are planning on replacing though.

We can’t really make the shower in a different location or bigger, but we can take out the header and the side walls to at least make it feel more open.

Since Andy did all the muscle work I volunteered to do the clean up. About 90 minutes and seven  bags of drywall and tile later our bathroom is ready for the next step.

Next we take out the rest of the yellow tile and the shower frame. We had the tile guy come out to give us a quote already [Andy considered tiling himself, but we were worried about making sure the shower was totally waterproof. Doing the floor is only a few hundred more so it makes sense to just have the professional do it]. The plumber was scheduled to take a look this week but poor Andy got that flu bug that has been going around. Hopefully we can get it in before Thanksgiving.

While we work on that I’ll do a few posts with some of the inspiration bathrooms we’ve seen online. So you know, you can start to see that we do have a plan beyond demo 😉


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