More Bathroom Demo

The demolition never ends…

Ok, it’s actually over now [I think] but there was a lot of pounding of hammers to get to this point.

As you can see Andy ended up ripping out all the drywall of the wall where the toilet and vanity go.

We had a plumber at the house last week and they did a great job. They raised the plumbing of the vanity [above] to give us more flexibility with what kind of vanity we end up doing. We actually have a REALLY cool plan, but I’ll save that for a later blog 😉

So we’ve covered that our master bathroom is tiny, right? And with a bathroom that small it wasn’t feasible to rework the layout. I’m sure we could have if we were willing to spend any amount of money. Hahaha…

But what we are doing is trying to make it feel bigger. The whole perception is reality thing right? Our old shower had a header that made the ceiling lower and the walls were more narrow than they had to be. Andy knocked out the header and the side beams so that it is as big as it can be. It will also be a lot brighter. We had the plumber raise the shower head height by quite a bit [see above, where the old head spot was isn’t even in the picture].

It’s nearly impossible to get a good picture of the shower now, but here you can at least see the width. The new beam you can see is where the shower will begin.

Next up: electrician install canned lights, bathroom fan [there wasn’t one before – gross!] and vanity lighting. Then drywall repair, paint the walls and let the tile guy do his thang. Finally, we’ll build and install our custom vanity [ah it’s so exciting! you are going to love it!], toilet [that’s not custom] and trim out the plumbing.

Stay tuned!


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