Something You Should Use: Parchment Paper

Taking a break from the great bathroom demolition of 2012 to bring you a very, very important message.

If you are anything like me or my family, this is the time of year you get our baking on. Buy butter in bulk. Schedule your baking days weeks in advance. Pour over new recipes only to go back to old favorites.

It’s Christmas cookie time.

And I am going to share with you the must have for your holiday baking. No, it’s not organic, Irish churned butter. It’s not real vanilla extract. It’s not even letting the cookies sit on the pan.

It’s parchment paper.

Hopefully you’ve heard of it, and use it. My mother-in-law introduced me to it way before Andy and I were wed. And it is the best thing ever.

You simply cut it off the roll [or you can buy flat sheets of it at a baking store, or GFS] to fit your cookie sheet. Then put your cookie dough on and bake like normal. When the cookies are sufficiently set you just spatula those puppies off. Throw away the parchment paper. Wipe off the cookie sheet. DONE.

It keeps your pans clean and nice. My pans are not nice because I didn’t use it for a long time. Womp womp.

It can work for anything, like these yummy biscuits I made this weekend, using my Mom’s recipe. Want it? Here it is. Super delish.

You can buy parchment paper anywhere for about $3 a roll. Don’t buy wax paper thinking it’s parchment paper. It’s not. And it will burn. Not that I’ve made that mistake before.


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