Tile, Tile, It Makes Me Smile

Yay for really cheesy blog post titles!

One thing about the  bathroom remodel is we have to have a lot of stuff “ready.”  Like all the stuff for the plumber [shower valve, shower head, etc.] Then all the stuff for the electrician [bathroom fan, light switches with dimmers and timers for the fan]. And of course, all the tile for the tile guy. All that other stuff is boring so today we shall speak of tile.

The tile obviously has a huge impact on the aesthetics of the bathroom. We looked a lot online to get a feeling for what we liked. Then we went to Floor and Decor Outlet to look around. If you are near one of these stores, I highly recommend. They have good prices, a huge selection and super nice employees. Seriously. Usually any type of remodeling place, particularly one with Outlet in the name, has fairly gruff staff. But Floor and Decor had really helpful, really nice employees. Including a designer who helped us for free.

As I’ve said 1000 times, our bathroom is teeny tiny, itsy bitsy. So having tile that is interesting but that flows really well and coordinates is essential. We all saw how it looked with a mish mash of tile.


We went back and forth on a lot of options, but here is what we decided upon.

For the floor:
12×24 Carrera marble tiles. Ooo lala! We had originally wanted slate but slate is all very dark tile and we felt with such a small room lighter was better.

For the shower floor:
Marble penny tile in the same “family” as the other floor tile. I LOVE penny tile. Love it. I wanted to do it for our kitchen backsplash but yikes, it’s a little pricey. But for a space as small as the shower floor, we can afford something special. At a glance it’s an offwhite, but there is “marbling” of gray and cream.

For the shower walls:
Beveled subway tile. Yes, we did subway tile for the kitchen backsplash. It’s clean, it’s simple and it’s classic. We found beveled tile because we thought it added a little visual interest and would catch the light better.

For the shower accent:
Long thin mosaic tiles in shades of gray with a few pieces of the same marble as the floor. We won’t use the whole sheets of this tile, just about four rows.

That’s it! The tile guy is coming in a week and a half, so we have a little time to get the electric and drywall work done. Oh and we want to have it painted before the tiler comes. And we have work to do on our totally awesome idea for our bathroom vanity. I’ll let you in on the secret soon enough!


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