Happy & Healthy: Honeycrisp Apples

A  short post that hopefully will make you healthier but will most definitely make you happier.

Honeycrisp apples.




For reals. Andy and I look forward to honeycrisp apple season every single year. They cost a freakin’ fortune, but I don’t care. They are worth it. They are always crisp. They are always sweet and slightly tart. They are never, ever bad. Ever. And frequently, they are giant, which is fun.

Honeycrisps won’t be around for too much longer so scootch scootch your bum to the nearest grocery market and pick yourself up a bag of the best apples you will ever eat.

I cut them up to eat with dinner almost every night. A tip for you young marrieds out there. When we first wed I would make meals with multiple side dishes. Mostly carbs, because I am an addict. Then I realized we needed to eat more fruit and veg. So now I rarely make a side dish. I just cut up apples, carrots, orange slices, grapes or make side salads. I like baked sweet potato fries too when I need something a little on the unhealthy side. Right now however we aren’t straying too far from our honeycrisps.


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