Drywall Man Strikes Again

Anyone remember this?

Dust Man

Drywall man is back!

drywall man

We are plugging away on the bathroom remodel. We had some guys put in the drywall last weekend. It was really nice to have someone take care of that work. But of course, there’s always something for the home renovator to do. So once again Andy sacrificed his skin and his nostrils and took on the sanding. And in case you were wondering, yes drywall dust is the worst. My participation was- you guessed it – clean up. Despite Andy keeping the door closed, drywall dust managed to sneak through, so after I thoroughly vacuumed the bathroom I joyfully washed the bedroom floor. I’m so glad most of the really messy stuff is done!


Last night we primed the walls. We will paint later this week. We picked out a gray/blue/greenish color. Then we will be ready for the tile man to come next week. Woohoo!


6 thoughts on “Drywall Man Strikes Again

  1. Sasha Lynn says:

    I’ve been procrastinating applying the mud to the drywall in my dining room for two days now by reading other people’s renovation blogs. This photo just proves that anticipation of a thing may not necessarrily be worse than the actual thing. Yup I’m remembering sanding my own bathroom walls now… waaaaaaaaah…

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