Simple Christmas Home Decorating

It’s Christmas at the Ringing household. In addition to being an excuse to eat way too much all month, this also means we’ve decorated!

merry christmas sign

I am not a huge holiday decorator. I like to keep things simple. My philosophy on Christmas decorating is I want to be able to put it all in less than two hours and take it all down in less than one. This will be the first year we have a tree, so I am excluding the tree from that. Nothing against anyone who loves to decorate for weeks. I prefer to have a few decorations that I really love and enjoy and that’s it. For all you crafters out there – I’m jealous. Since I don’t even own a hot glue gun, my decor is very simple and all store-bought or something I already own.

I use my trifle dish to hold some cheap (most of them are plastic balls from the grocery store. $1 for a tube] red and silver ornaments. This year my mother in law gave me a gift that had a red bow. I was too lazy to take it upstairs to my wrapping paper closet so I tied it on the bottom of the dish. Perf.

trifle dish with ornaments

I had a really fun garland that said merry christmas on the snowflakes. A few of the snowflakes broke [it was a $5 cardboard garland from target] so I just cut off some that were still fine and used silver ribbon to tie it to my banister. Lurv. Add my Target clearance merry christmas sign and this is my favorite area of holiday decor.

stairway decorating

Right below that I have a silver pinecone christmas tree [bought at TJ Maxx post holiday for maybe $10]. I put two silver candle holders I have and use year round next to them. Sparkly corner.

silver corner

We have a nativity scene that a dear, dear friend gave us when we got married. It is carved out of olive tree I think and is from Israel. I love how simple it is.

nativity scene

I get lots of magazines so at Christmas I set out the holiday issues. I also keep my favorite Christmas cards from friends and set them out. Many of them are baby announcements from last year, which are so special to look at.

christmas cards

I love this box. I bought Merry Christmas cards a few years ago from TJ Maxx for maybe $5. When the cards were gone I decided to just keep the box. I put To/From tags in it and just display it.

old card box

I am usually a very submissive wife. No really, I am. If Andy doesn’t like something I buy I usually would rather get something that we both like. [If he’s neutral on something though…] But this wreath. I just had to have it. He doesn’t love it, but he loves me and “let” me keep it even though he’d prefer something more traditional. I got it at Target for $20 a few years ago.

silver christmas wreath

Otherwise I have a ornaments and things here and there and a small ornament tree that I couldn’t get a decent picture of.  But that’s really it!

Am I Martha Stewart? Bwahaha… My decor is probably making some of you roll your eyes right now. But it works for me and I am enjoying the subtly different look of my house at this time of year. Just a few decorations make coming home festive!

christmas lights outside

I’ll save the Christmas tree for another post!


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