Bathroom Blue

I am a big fan of paint. A can of paint for $30 [or $60 or $80 if you like the premium stuff] has the power to transform a room. And if it’s the wrong color, you just repaint it. I say “just” – I know it’s a pain and not something anyone wants to do. But compared to oh, knocking down a kitchen wall, knocking out two windows to make a sliding door, refinishing all the floors and tearing out half the front yard landscaping, painting is pretty minor stuff.

bathroom blue

The tile guy actually started on the bathroom today. It is going to take him a few days though, so I will wait until he is further along to post an update. This paint job is actually from last week. We wanted to paint it before Mr. Tile Man [why do I have no idea what to call him??] came so that we wouldn’t accidentally drip on our marble floors [even if you cover everything, I always find a way to drip]. And without any baseboards, we can get all the way to the floor so we’ll have really nice coverage.


We wanted a blueish color to pick up on the accents in the tile. We also felt it would be calming. We ended up with this very blue, no wait green, or is grayish, color.

20121211-084320.jpgI don’t remember the name of the paint color. I will update when I get a chance to look. We are happy with it so far. I am even considering re-painting the bedroom a lighter shade of this [maybe using a stencil for an accent wall]. We’ll see! Hopefully after the tile work today and tomorrow this room will look a LOT more put together!


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