Christmas Tree + Cool Invention

We’ve been married for almost 4.5 years. And we have never gotten a Christmas tree. No lie! Did our marriage even really count? I know some people who would say no… Never mind now though, this year we went for it and got ourselves a tree.

Before I show you pictures, I want to share with you the coolest invention ever. At least in the realm of Christmas tree inventions. This  ornament is so simple but so amazing. Basically it controls the lights on your tree. You just touch it to turn on and touch it to turn off. Andy’s family had one for a few years so we felt for $11 it was something we’d be very glad to have.

Christmas Tree Lights On/Off Control Ornament

I had such a great time decorating the tree with Andy. It didn’t take very long and it adds a really nice ambiance to the tree
20121213-101009.jpgNow I just need to get on with my wrapping and get some presents under that baby!


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