Unveiling the Master Bath Tile

I know tiling is something we could have done ourselves.

But when your professional tile dude spends five days [often with another person helping] on your bathroom tile, you count your lucky stars you aren’t DIYing this one. Can you even imagine how long it would have taken us to do it? We both agreed hiring this particular tiler was the “best value” of our bathroom remodel so far.

Enough talking, let’s take a look! For the list of what we bought, read this post.

Walk into the bathroom on this cool sleek marble tile. I love the brown and grayness of it. Andy had a moment of worry that the big tiles were going to be too big for the small room but I think it worked out.

Gray marble bathroom tile

Yes we need to repaint that strip by the shower. Marble Rectangle Tile

At the last minute we decided to use tile as a baseboard. We had a vigorous IM chat trying to decide but ultimately decided to go with it when we realized it would save Andy from having to re-install new baseboards. Laziness paid off – it looks awesome. Very modern. I like that it flows right into the step for the shower too.

Marble Shower step

Oh the shower. I might move in. It is so lovely. The beveled edges on the subway tile positively glisten, just like we hoped they would.

beveled subway tile

I love that we tiled all the way to the top too. The accent strip is nice. I think we could have done a thicker strip, but this works and adds a little visual interest.

Glass accent tile with marble

Check out this shelf. With such a tiny shower we needed somewhere to set soap, shampoo, razor, snacks. Just kidding on that last one [or am I?] It’s a little high, but I can reach it. We were going to use marble for the shelf but ran out because of the baseboards.


And for the floor. In retrospect, with such a light marble penny tile, we maybe should have done a darker grout to get a better contrast. But it looks really good and I am excited I finally got some penny tile in my house!

marble penny tile floorA note – with marble tile you need to seal it. Our tile guy said to reseal once a year just to be safe. If this was a kids bathroom I might have not done marble. But a master bathroom should be a little luxurious and feel like an adult space. I think the marble achieves that!

Andy will be busy this week and weekend installing the light switches, sconces and hopefully getting the vanity together. The only “big” thing left is the shower door, which takes two weeks once we order it. So sometime in early 2013 we should be enjoying our bathroom!


9 thoughts on “Unveiling the Master Bath Tile

  1. Meg says:

    Looks great! After our DIY tiling experience, which took exactly 48 hours longer than I thought it would, I second the value of hiring someone!

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