Un-Christmasing My House

Remember how much fun I had decorating my house for Christmas?

That all disappeared the day after Christmas.

Like, literally Andy had to ask me to not take down all our decor until after our final family gathering occurred. I held myself back, but barely. That night I took down every decoration and the next morning I manhandled our tree out to the curb. This is why I keep holiday decor simple friends. Because when I decide I’m done with it, I’m done. And I want it gone fast.

Putting out house back to normal has its own fun. I set out some new DIY books we got for Christmas [and welcomed my orange West Elm bird back to the media console].

Young House Love book

I also dove into the succulent rage and bought one from IKEA. Unfortunately they didn’t have any appropriately sized pots for it for sale. So I used my noggin’ and found a candle jar near the end of its useful life to hold it.

old candle jarIt smells super good when you scoop out the old wax. I used water and then some Goof Off to remove the wax and black spots.



Ok all you Martha Stewart like decorators can exit this post now. Goodbye!

I made a fun centerpiece! Andy’s mom gave me this awesome cake plate + lid for Christmas. I like to display my pretty things, so I put it in the middle of our table after I removed the holiday centerpiece. After all the red, green, silver, gold of the holidays I was craving fresh colors. So I threw some clementines, a lemon and some cinnamon sticks I had in there.

january centerpieceYes, we are talking absurdly simple. But it is fresh and cost me basically nothing and it smells really good when I lift the lid off. I will replace the fruit if/when it starts to go bad.

new cake plate


We’ll start off the new year with a master bath reveal! Let me tell ya, it looks pretty amazing. Happy New Year!



One thought on “Un-Christmasing My House

  1. Linnea says:

    Oooh, the Ana White book looks like fun. I used to have two succulent plants at our old place back in Utah, but when we moved had to get rid of them. I think I may have to get some for our new place, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed them!

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