Master Bath Reveal

The master bathroom is 99 percent done. That one remaining percent is for the shower door, which won’t be installed for a few weeks [thanks to our vacation, the shower guys vacation and the holidays]. But I won’t make you wait til darn near February to get a peek!

This is the bathroom before we moved in. Squint and you can see the awesome zig zag wall paper. Don’t fret though, that wall paper lives on in a few of our closets.

yellow bath

Sorry the picture is so blurry it hurts your eyes. The bathroom hurt your eyes even when it wasn’t blurry though, trust me.

yellow  bathroom

That bathroom really had it all. Too small. Crazy variety of tile. Tiny, cheap vanity. Hideous medicine cabinet. Horrible, yellow light which basically provided no light at all. Tiny shower with no light. Oh and a yellow toilet.

And here it is now:


Hubba hubba.

The custom vanity is truly a show stopper. I’m going to ask my dearly beloved to dictate a blog post about how he did it. Because seriously, WOW. In a nutshell, we bought a slab of walnut from a local place. For a six-foot slab it was a few hundred dollars. Andy took it to a mill [conveniently next door] and they cut it to size. We will use the remainder to make two side tables. Then Andy sanded it, rounded the edges, and then applied many many many layers of Waterlox sealer [purchased at Woodcraft – you can’t buy it at a normal hardware store] to water proof it and give it that glossy look. Then he let it cure for a few weeks. We still aren’t setting anything on it long-term until we really move into the bathroom.

custom wood vanity

edge of slabI like me some nice legs, and these fit the bill.

hairpin legs

We bought these hairpin legs from Andy screwed them into the slab. He affixed the slab to the wall so it is nice and secure. Details to come. Then he installed the vessel sink and faucet. The plumber hooked up the drain and we are good to go.

We got a nice Kohler toilet. Not a top of the line one but I can tell the difference between this toilet and our less expensive “we need a toilet now” toilet in the half bath.

kohler toilet

Storage is a problem in a small bathroom, particularly when you choose to do a vanity with no cabinet space. I’ll do a post on how we are managing bathroom storage but you can see that we hung a towel shelf/rack. We got it at IKEA, in chrome. We can set extra bath towels on top [we have a standing towel dryer in our bedroom] and hang the hand towel from it.

towel rack

For lighting we have two recessed lights [one of them has the fan as part of it] and two sconces. Andy found these on I was totally not convinced they would look good, but they worked out exceedingly well. Very different, a touch glam, a touch industrial.

wall sconce

We hung this awesome, peaceful picture above the towel rack.

picture above towel rack

And this one by the door, facing the shower. We have plans to remove the bathroom door, so this will be more visible then. It’s not pictured, but we also hung a towel hook here.

waterfall picture

You can see pictures of the shower tile here.

We’ll do a few follow-up posts to show a few more of the details, how we are handling storage, etc. Start to finish this project will total around two months [much of this is waiting for the shower door] and less than $5k. It would have cost a little less, but taken way longer if we had done the tiling. We are already talking about the next bathroom remodel – stay tuned 😉


15 thoughts on “Master Bath Reveal

  1. Decorum DIYer says:

    You and your husband did a great job! I love the wall color and especially that vanity sink. I hear you about no storage, but I am sure you can work around it. Perhaps a cabinet/shelf above the door?

    • BecccaDing says:

      Thank you! It is a very soothing place to be. I’ll post on how we are dealing with the storage issue – at the very least it will keep me from buying too many beauty products 😉

  2. MarcieDail says:

    There is such much I love about this room:
    -The tile (especially the floor)
    -The wall color (so handsome and clean and classy)
    -The sconces (they are different and quirky and still clean)
    -The sink (warm wood, clean white sink, industrial legs…so much greatness in their combination)

    I love this. Nicely done. I want to reno our master bath so badly but I think it will have to wait a few more years. In the meantime, I’ll be moving into yours 😉 ❤

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