New Years Day Project & Tips for Paint Prep

On New Years Day Andy and I had no plans. We slept in a little, then got in our robes and slippers and he watched football and I did a little work. We discussed doing a little Container Store shopping and lunch at Chic-Fil-A. It was going to be a nice, relaxing day.

Until about 11 in the morning when Andy announced he wanted to “accomplish something.” First he suggested demo-ing our second bathroom, until I reminded him we wouldn’t have a usable shower then [still waiting on the shower door for the master]. That something turned into painting our to-be guest room. I say to-be because there is no bed or anything that would be remotely desirable to a guest as of yet. Patience grasshopper.

This room had no paint. We thought the walls were primed but after the first coat sucked up about a gallon of paint, we aren’t sure. Oh well. We used Perfect Greige, a SW color that we had Lowes color match in Valspar paint. I love it! Good friends of ours did it in their house. It is a wonderful neutral. I forgot to get a picture in daylight of the room, but this is the color:

As we were getting ready to paint I realized how much effort the prep part of painting is. There’s a reason that 90 percent of the time this is my job [tedious but requires no skill]. So here are some quick tips for painting prep success. Believe me, I’ve ignored every single one of these at one point or the other and have regretted it every time. Do not follow in my [paint drip covered] footsteps.

1. Cover every surface. Even if you think you will be careful. Rollers like to fling tiny drops of paint.

cover floors before painting

2. Tape the floor coverings down. They will shift and that one tiny little exposed piece of floor will get paint on it.

3. Unless you are super confident in your steady hands, tape the ceilings and baseboards. Andy is good enough to do the baseboards freehand [especially since caulk hides a multitude of mistakes] but still takes the time to tape the ceilings.

taping the ceilings

4. Take your shoes off or put them on when you leave the room being painted. You will step in a drop of paint and then track it around the whole house.

5. Keep some paper towels close by to wipe up the paint can, small drops, etc.

6. Use Frog Tape for the ceilings and/or baseboard taping. All other tape is hugely inferior and may or may not take the paint with it when it’s peeled off.

frog tape

7. When you do get paint on the floor, Goof Off works great. Just rub a little on a paper towel or rag and rub the floor until it comes up. Of course test on a hidden area first, but it has never damaged the finish of our floor. And I have used a lot of Goof Off.

8. Don’t go to work with your hands covered in paint. Use Mineral Spirits to remove paint drips from your hands and arms and feet and…wherever else paint may have fallen.

Next painting job up for us – repainting the master bedroom. Can you believe we are already repainting a room?!



3 thoughts on “New Years Day Project & Tips for Paint Prep

  1. Straight Out Of Compton says:

    Yes, Frog tape is the best! We just discovered “Girl Frog Tape” which is a yellow version for painted/delicate surfaces.

    One note on Goo Off – don’t let it sit for too long or it will strip the finish on hardwood floors …ask me how I know 🙂

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