Storage for a Small Bathroom

So I think we all agree the master bathroom remodel is a big improvement, yes?


Good. Now the question that remains is “uh where are you going to put all your stuff?” It’s a legit question. Not only is the bathroom small, we removed 90 percent of the storage by doing a vanity with no storage. Whoops. While there are some obvious solutions if we are thinking only function [cabinet over the toilet being one], space is precious and we are vigilant protectors of overcrowding in this tiny little bathroom.

I thought about what do I really need to be in this bathroom. Our other full bath, just steps from the master bedroom, has a large sink cabinet with plenty of room for storage, plus we have a decent linen closet. We are going to redo that bathroom in the relatively near future, so we can build in additional storage if needed. My plan is to put all medicines and other toiletries I don’t use daily or at least weekly in there. I was left with the basics: my hair dryer, straightener, body lotion, make up bag and Andy’s basics [which are not insignificant]. And not necessary, but I thought it would be nice to have an extra roll or two of toilet paper.

Here’s the plan to deal with it:

The mirror/medicine cabinet is actually really big. With the shelves installed we can fit a lot of little things like toothpaste, cologne, nail clippers. Andy’s shaving supplies live here too. What you see below is about 90 percent of what we need in there, so there is plenty of space.

vanity shelves

I bought a toilet paper holder. I’ve never had one before but it makes sense. We tried a holder that hooks over the toilet tank but it didn’t fit. Wah wah.

toilet paper holder

It wouldn’t work for everyone, but the biggest space hogs are my hair dryer, make up bag, etc. We decided to make all that very portable. I bought a $10 basket at HomeGoods that has handles. I just pick it up when I go to the bathroom to get ready and put everything back in it when I’m done. It’s also very convenient if I have to go use another bathroom [like if I am up super early and don’t want to wake Andy]. And I think it looks fine next to my dresser.

toiletries basketUnintended, but quite convenient, it fits perfectly over the toilet seat.

basket in bathroomSo that’s what we have. If we find we still need a little more space we will install a shelf over the toilet. But honestly, everything we need is there. If you have a small  bathroom, take heart! You can make it work if you are willing to spill into the bedroom a little and pare down to just the necessities. Really – who needs 50 different flavors of lotion?

The shower door is being installed tomorrow and then we will be 100 percent using the bathroom!


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