Our Bathroom is Such a Kidder

Last night we went to bed excited to use our new shower for the first time today. The shower door was installed yesterday, which meant the bathroom reno was done! Woohoo!

Before I dive into the bathroom’s sense of humor, let’s take a look at the door. I was honestly nervous that the shower door would ruin the open look of this tiny little bathroom. I was relieved to see this:

glass shower door

I love it! So modern and clear. From the other angle:

glass shower door

Andy chose chrome for the handle and hinges. Good choice husband.

chrome shower door handle

chrome shower door hinge

We were both so excited to use the shower this morning after several months of waiting. We didn’t realize our bathroom has a mean sense of humor. Such a kidder, that bathroom.

See, I did get to use the shower. And a few minutes in I realized there was water up to my ankles.

Whoops. Dream. Crushed. I guess the bathroom was not ready to be declared done. Jerkface.

We are assuming it’s a clogged drain. I vaguely remember the shower not draining great before and it’s totally possible during construction that more got in [despite covering it up]. So here’s hoping some home remedies fix it tonight, otherwise our favorite plumber will have to come visit us soon.

In other news, I didn’t take a picture, but we got one of these to put on the inside of the vanity for our toothbrushes! The one we picked has just two holders. I love it! What a clever space-saver. You can view it here.


One thought on “Our Bathroom is Such a Kidder

  1. Michael Green says:

    Great door, the frameless look works perfectly in the tight space. Hopefully a little work with a snake will clear the drain in a few minutes.

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