Our Latest Project: Custom Closet Awesomeness

About a year ago we were in negotiations on our house. The previous owners were…stubborn…and for awhile they shut down negotiations. I didn’t think we were going to get the house. Although Andy and I are both uber-practical people who refused to get “attached” to a house we didn’t own, I have to confess that I really didn’t want to lose the house. Yes, the neighborhood is perfect. The size is great. Oh the two car attached garage is magnificent. But, it was something else that pushed me to pray “please God, let us get that house.”

It was the master closet.

Now, if you watch enough House Hunters you know that all first time buyers HAVE to have a master closet. It’s a “deal-breaker.” Well, in our area homes are older and older homes don’t tend to have things like master bathrooms and closets. We only looked at a few homes that even had one. So I was THRILLED to find a house that was in our budget and met all our requirements that had a master bath and closet.

[This is from before we moved in but when we were painting the closet a light pink]


After the holidays Andy started talking about making better use of our closet space. As you can see above, there were long shelves that bent in the middle and two poles. Plenty of room to store our stuff, but certainly not the best use of space.

We went to the Container Store. Yikes pricey. We looked online and saw things that would work but maybe not look so classy [like Rubbermaid].

So Andy did what he does best. He decided to do it himself.

He started where all manly men who wield power tools start. Pinterest.

After determining the style he wanted [with my approval] he moved onto measuring and planning.


He did such a thorough job of planning and preparing that when he actually started the work, he was amazed at how quickly it went. Seriously – he measured the length of his shirts and counted how many shoes he has. Thorough and good-looking ladies.


We are using the smallest bedroom right now as an in-home workshop. Ha! Andy built the shelves in there and then we shimmied them to the closet to check measurements, etc. [pssst…can you spy the old globe chandelier? We don’t have the heart to get rid of it so it is hanging out with the shelves].

Andy read somewhere that if you have a big closet it is a good idea to paint it a bold color. So he chose bright yellow. At first I was like YIKES [and you might be thinking that now too] but he wisely told me to wait to see how it looked with everything in it.
He built out the frame and then brought the shelves in and attached them to the wall. He borrowed our friend Brian’s Kreg Jig tool to do a lot of these shelves. He told me it was amazing to use and highly recommends it for any DIYer.
And here it is today!
Mmmm…shoe shelves…
[He has more shoes than that and will need to install another small shelf to hold them all. Handy man loves his shoes].
You can see that we painted half the closet. Andy decided to essentially do his whole half first so that he could learn and see what works. My half will likely be more complicated. I really appreciated that forethought. This weekend we are hoping to move all my clothes out and into the spare bedroom where Andy’s clothes lived until last night. Then we will paint my half and Andy will measure and get planning my side. We are also going to add trim to the edges of the plywood shelves so that it has a really nice, finished, built-in look.
I’m excited to see how my half comes together. I have plans to paint the master bedroom this week. Soon we hope to have our “master suite” close to finished.

8 thoughts on “Our Latest Project: Custom Closet Awesomeness

  1. Meg says:

    Looks awesome!! We bought a Kreg jig for our dog-crate-end-table project last year, and now, I don’t think Rob would be able to function without it. I also follow Kreg on Facebook. They have some smart, amazing products. Also, you have an amazing amount of faith in your husband, if you let him paint half of your closet while your clothes were still inside.

  2. Decorum DIYer says:

    This is magnificent! I love that you are truly diy-ing this. Perfection. A little funny, to because I am currently messing around with my tiny master closet (more like a nook). I shall live vicariously through you.

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