DIY: My (not so) Famous Guacamole Recipe

Andy is traveling all week and all I’ve managed to do is prime one wall in our bedroom. So I feel it’s time for another installment of DIY, Becca Style. Which means recipes. Ha.

I make good guacamole. That is not bragging, it’s just a statement of fact.

Although not quite as famous as my homemade pizza recipe [which, wow sounds really delicious right now] it’s definitely something I am known for, particularly with my in-laws. The first time I made it for them I was probably 18. I am pretty sure it played a major role in being accepted into the fam.

In the past decade, I’ve made guac hundreds of times. Literally. I have made it for a million parties and I almost always include it when we have someone new over for dinner. And I make it whenever we have anything tangentially Mexican for dinner, which is about once a week. So trust me when I say this recipe is well-tested. Plus it’s Andy approved, so what more could you want?

I get many requests for my guac recipe. The catch is, it’s really more of a “recipe.” You have to play with it to make it how you want it. It’s extremely flexible and frankly hard to screw up. This is my basic recipe but feel free to add anything you want – different kinds of peppers, more citrus, even tequila.

Source: via Mike on Pinterest


How to Make Guacamole

Start with avocados. Avocados should be ripe, meaning you can push your thumb in, but not so ripe that you feel like you have to baby it. If it’s an appetizer guess about 1/2 avocado per person. If you buy it ripe and plan to use it shortly, put it on the counter. This is probably frowned upon, but if I buy it ripe and don’t plan to use it for a few days I put it in the fridge. I haven’t noticed it significantly damages the flavor.
Magic Ripening Trick: If you need to quickly ripen an avocado, put it in a brown paper bag with a RIPE (like a brown banana) piece of fruit (if I only have a fresh apple, I drop it on the floor to bruise it!) overnight and the avocados will be ripened in the morning.
Cut the avocados in half. Pull them apart with a slight twist. Scoop out the insides with a spoon or fork. I mash it one avocado at a time. If you aren’t serving right away, leave one pit in per 3-4 avocados and that will help keep it from browning.
Main Ingredients:
I chop up about a half a white onion per two avocados and mix it in, reserving a little onion for a pico to top it. Chop up a nice red tomato, about 1 Roma tomato per two avocados. Add in a little fresh minced garlic, to taste. Chop up a little jalapeno pepper, or Serrano, whatever you have on hand. I add maybe a quarter teaspoon per two avocados, but you can adjust that to your taste. I like to chop up whatever pepper I happen to have to add color – yellow is the prettiest I think. I personally hate cilantro, but I usually add a few sprigs of cilantro in, chopped.
Mix up the avocado with the main ingredients. The add a few heavy-handed squirts of lime [lemon works too if that’s all you have]. Add a shake or two of hot sauce or sriachi sauce. Add a pinch of cumin and a good few shakes of salt. Don’t go crazy with the salt. The only time Andy has ever not liked my guac is when I added too much salt. It’s always better to add a little extra as you go!
If you are feeling enterprising,  mix up the diced tomatoes and onions you set aside. Throw in a little jalapeno and cilantro. Salt and squirt some lime. Stir. Then top the guac with this nice easy pico.
Serve with tortilla chips (Donkey Chips are the best ever). Enjoy!

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