Cyber Window Shopping

We are moving along on the master bedroom. Painting was a big step but the room just feels blah still. Andy is in charge of some of the major changes to the room [like building us a new bed!!] that we’ll update you on as we start to work on them. But there is still lots we can do that only requires a little shopping. And if there is one thing I’m good at, it’s shopping. So let’s take a whirl around the internet, shall we?

I like this but wish it was in a color. I do want to get an extra pillow or two to snazz up our bed.

I like this, again better in a color. However, would be the easiest thing ever to create on my own. It just has that whimsy feel and makes me think of Pride and Prejudice [one of my top 5 favorite novels ever]:

Curtains are my #1 priority for the bedroom. I think they will make a big impact right away. I like the yellow in these. I think some curtains with yellow in them would help pull in the closet. But I also don’t want to be too matchy, so ideally curtains with yellow but another color or two also. I also despise how these curtains don’t touch the floor #pickypicky

If the green in these is more yellow in reality they could be  a good fit. Kind of the feeling I’m going for.

This next picture I debated putting in. I like the color. I like the boldness. I can’t find an image of what I am going for above the bed. Basically i want to do one huge picture that packs a punch. So this image represents at least the boldness I’m hoping we go for. We won’t necessarily do color, just something that’s like BOOM HERE’S A PICTURE, if you get what I mean.

I don’t know if this would fit with the bedroom but could be great for the hallway [which we eventually plan to do a lot of pictures for].


We’ll see what I end up finding that works! I am excited to have a more cohesive room.


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