Custom Master Closet

Women across America, I am sorry to ruin your Valentines Day.

I know. Your man got you flowers. A card. Maybe some chocolate.

Whatever the expression of eternal devotion, it simply cannot compete with what’s going on over here at my house. Prepare yourself for the waves of intense jealousy.

My husband gave me a finished master closet!

Just a reminder, this is what it looked like  before:


And here it is today:


Andy worked incredibly hard the past week [after traveling for a week for work] to get this done. I could not be more appreciative. I mean, look at the room for shoes. Be still my heart. Throw some pizza in the oven and this is basically everything I love in life.


He even made one shelf a little higher than the others so that I would have room for my really high heels. Unfortunately, seeing all my shoes so beautifully just makes me want to buy more….

As you can see, my half is different from his. I have room for hanging long things, like dresses and coats. Obviously I have more room for shoes.


We also ordered a rug for the middle, to keep our toe-sies warm while we decide what to wear. Andy is not sure if he likes it, but I do.


He also replaced the light fixture. Well before it wasn’t so much a fixture as a bulb. He installed a chrome track lighting, which gives us a lot more light but also classes up the joint a bit. Notice the molding he added to the edges. I think it totally finishes off the built in look.


We took off the door to see how it looks open. I was unsure about if I would like it, but so far I do. At the very least it will ensure the closet doesn’t get messy. And it makes our room feel bigger.


**UPDATE: I should have noted that in total, the whole closet cost about $500. In comparison to the Container Store, we saved about $2000. Even in comparison to Rubbermaid we saved quite a bit. 

I still have a few things to hang and find the right space for, but we are calling this done. With a master closet and a master bathroom so nice, I am now on a mission to make the room in the middle [uh, our bedroom] just as nice. Even a few small additions make a big difference in pulling it all together.

A big hug and kiss to my valentine for his hard work on this amazing closet. This is one of my favorite projects yet.


4 thoughts on “Custom Master Closet

  1. Decorum DIYer says:

    Really beautiful. You have a keeper, I must say. My husband also finished a diy ‘honey do’ task for me. Of course, it is nothing in comparison to your master closet, but the sentiment is all the same. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

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