Making it Pretty: Pillows

With a fancy master closet and a sleek new master bathroom, it’s time for the master bedroom to step it up a notch. Truthfully, no matter where we lived, since we got married our bedroom decor has been pretty blah. We never did much but sleep in there. But now that our room is becoming such a nice space, I find that I want to be there more. I might even acquiesce to having a TV in the bedroom. And then a fridge. And then I’ll never leave.

We have big plans to do some major things to make this space very cool, but they are a little ways off. So I decided to just start trying to get some pieces going and see where they take me.

First I bought a few pillows from Target to brighten up the bed. Since the master closet is painted yellow, we are incorporating some yellow to pull it together.


The back white one is velvety. The front one isn’t as soft, but is more of a crochet type texture. We take the pillows off when it’s time to sleep, so they really are purely for looks.


That yellow throw was an impulse buy from HomeGoods. It’s so soft and nice for when I am sitting on the bed working or watching Andy pack for a business trip.

I was hoping to include our new curtains in this post but they are slated to get put up tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned.



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