Original, But Not Too Mushy, Art

After a year in the house we decided it was high time we added some artwork to the walls. Every time we hang a picture we are amazed at how much better the room looks.

We have several artwork mini-projects in the works, but only one is complete so far. And yay, it was for our bedroom!

I mentioned here that I was looking for a bold, big piece to put over our bed. We really struggled with this. Since Andy can print canvas at work we were looking for an image that we could just print. Cheaper and more original than something from IKEA or Target [which is totally fine, but sometimes you just want something a million other people don’t have]. We didn’t want to do a picture of us…because that felt extremely egotistical. We didn’t want just a landscape photo, because we have a ton of those around the house. We wanted something different, but meaningful, colorful,  but not crazy. It twas a dilemma.

Finally, I don’t even know how, we arrived at this:

Custom Canvas

Andy took a photo he found online and in Photoshop added some layers to make it completely indistinct, only saturated blurring of the colors in the picture. It has yellow, red, a dash of purple and the faintest hint of green. I love it. I love that it has yellow, but isn’t yellow, because we covered here that I may be maxed out on yellow. It’s also not blue because we are definitely maxed on blue too. It’s soft and bold and HUGE.

When we change out the furniture I think it will add even more to the room.


The word on it? This is where it gets really perfect for us. We liked the idea of having a song lyric or word on the picture, but everything just felt way too smoopy for us. I asked Andy what he thought about putting ILY on it [that’s how we say i love you in texts, notes, emails]. He came up with the brilliant [I think] idea of adding on happ to make it say happily, but the emphasis is on the ily. I love it! Mushy, but not overtly so 😉

My job now is to hunt for frames. We need a ton of 5×7 and 8×10 frames. So far Nordstrom Rack [go figure] and Target have had the best prices for interesting frames. The hunt will continue!


5 thoughts on “Original, But Not Too Mushy, Art

  1. Christine Drumgoole says:

    Very nice! I like the artwork, as it represents who you are as a couple. The ‘happILY’ is sort of like having your own secret code written on your walls. Such a testament to you both, as a couple.

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