Some “Fruity” Office Artwork

This time of year is so.dang.crazy for us. Every single year. It’s just nuts. From New Years to Easter, we are go-go-go and this year is no exception! Andy traveled all last week and I am traveling a good chunk of this week, so forgive me, it is [another] blog-lite week. Life will calm down soon, right? RIGHT??!

We did get one blog worthy thing accomplished last week. I mentioned we are working on artwork for the house. We printed a bunch of photos and I bought a million frames. Then we decided to change direction on the frames, so I returned most of them and now we are ordering different frames for a gallery wall in the main hallway. Trial and error, okay?

We did get a few things framed though, including a very cool wall o’ art in the office.

The office is painted one of the brighter colors in the house, a sort of sea green. Andy chose nine plain black frames, size 16×20. He used velcro strips to hang them on the wall, to ensure they are all level with each other and avoid lots of nails in the wall. It worked really well and we highly recommend it.

office artwork

The first order of frames had two with the glass broken, so we had to wait a few days to get replacements.

Once they arrived Andy hung them up with the simple artwork inside. Can you see what they say?

Fruits of the Spirit artwork

It’s the nine fruits of the spirit [ love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control], in different colors, in a cool font. It’s dramatic enough that it catches my eye when I walk past the room but still feels very clean and simple. The office is where Andy reads his Bible in the mornings too, so it all fits.

Still on the list for the office – a new lamp [we’re still using a $7 IKEA one], comfy chair and maybe some shelving. We’ll get there…eventually!


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