New Things

I thought today was an especially appropriate day to post about some of the new things we have in our house.

Today is Good Friday, the day when Christ gave himself to give us the chance to be renewed. To be clean. To be freed.

Every time we get something new or remake something old into something beautiful or build something it is a glimpse into what God has done for us, the beauty of his character as a renewer and creator.

So on this sunny, beautiful, anticipatory Good Friday, here’s what’s new at the Ringing household.

We are on the cusp of some major changes to our  bedroom furniture, we decided to go ahead and put a chair in. We got this red leather chair from Andy’s grandparents, who are moving out of their enormous home in favor of something a little more manageable. We are so thankful to be getting a few family pieces to add to our home.

red_leather_chairDon’t you just love the lines on this? I am not sure if the chair will stay in this place once we move things around, but I like how it greets me from the hallway. I really never would have picked red to go in this room, but it plays well with the yellow and blue.

red_leather_chair_2Downstairs, I picked up this little side table from Target when it went on clearance. Side note – I LOVE everything at Target right now. A quick trip for cereal is dangerous to my credit card. Anyways, it was $40 and I think it looks perfect in between the two chairs [from my grandpa] underneath our picture window.


I popped some coasters on it and called it good.
top_of_target_tableBack upstairs [I have no plan for this tour, ha] we are working on hanging pictures and art in the hallway. So far, we did a little mini-gallery. We used the wood frames from the Threshold collection at Target. I love them so much. We did pictures from our wedding, in black and white. We will probably minimize more pictures from our wedding in the rest of the hallway, so this is our little shrine to ourselves there 😉

gallery_wall_hallwayThat’s basically it. Oh now that it’s almost spring, I am back into picking up little bunches of flowers for myself when I am at Trader Joe’s. Last week they had ranunculus. It’s such a lovely flower. We had it in our wedding bouquets [I guess I had it…Andy didn’t really lay claim to my bouquet]. As pretty as it is, it was hard to get into the vase nicely.

ranunculousMay your weekend be filled with joy and celebration!



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