Thursday Nothings

I’m sorry for being so quiet lately.

Life is busy, but also not. Just the normal rotating carousel of work, making dinner, falling asleep on the couch and maintaining proper hygiene and Downtown Abbey in between. Mix in work travel and family obligations and this ole thing fell low on the list. But here are quick updates – if not for you, then for me to remember when I wish life could be this boringly busy again.

Andy is working on building our bed. But right now it just looks like a futon, so I will wait to post on that. Here’s a teaser.

We celebrated Andy’s 27th birthday. When he turned 17, I took him downtown to Blue Man Group and Buca di Beppo for dinner. Flash forward 10 years and we had dinner at home and watched a movie. Ha.Lest you think I’m a terrible wife, I did make him an old favorite for his birthday “cake” – Buster Bar Dessert. I looked longingly at it while he and some friends enjoyed it. That’s true love people – a lactose sensitive person making an ice cream cake. Such sacrifice. If you make it, do humanity a favor and use both caramel and hot fudge and make it in a 9×9 pan. Really, it just gets better if you just add more of everything [cue Seinfeld reference, “More anything?” “More everything!”]. Anyways, happy birthday to my favorite.

We participated in a family work day to try to help Andy’s wonderful grandparents get their house ready to sell. The “boys” can make fun out of anything and had a great time

jumping on pile
In addition to the cool red chair they gave us, I snagged an old children’s high chair. I love the shape of it. We had friends over for an annual “family dinner” for Easter and it held their daughter perfectly and scoots right up to the table.


I am going to clean it up. Friends are divided on if we should paint it [bright yellow! bright pink! navy!] or leave it kind of scuffed and shabby chic. What say you?


I gave up sweets. My dearest friend Stef and I have been talking about it and finally just decided to go for it. We had both gotten into bad patterns of rewarding ourselves with candy or feeling like we are owed a treat because of a long day at work, tough meeting, fussy baby – insert your stress here. I have been wanting to cut pop out entirely for a really long time, so this is a great opportunity and I am thankful for the accountability. I generally eat pretty healthy but am amping up the vegetables, fruit and water intake. Last weekend I made a delicious green smoothie [banana, strawberry, almond milk, and spinach!] So far so good – I get one treat day a week [since sweets should really be a treat and not a regular part of my diet].


I hope you enjoy the rest of your week – no matter how boring or routine it is!



5 thoughts on “Thursday Nothings

  1. Stefanie Cinadr says:

    I’m so glad you put that buster bar recipe up here!! What… we gave up sugar?! haha don’t worry I’ll make it and eat it on our day off 🙂

  2. Linnea says:

    Ooh, that cake looks delicious!

    I love the sweets-once-a-week thing, I think that’s a great idea.

    Sometimes the boring life segments are the best of all – the times when we just live and enjoy our day to day activities.

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