DIY Rustic Bedframe: Part 1

The journey to make over our master bedroom continues!

I hinted last week that Andy was building our master bed. We are still waiting to get/do a few things before it’s done, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt too much to give you a sneak peek.

First some background. When we got married almost five years ago we were even cheaper than we are now. We bought our first bedroom set from IKEA – the infamous MALM series. Image from

MALM Bed frame IKEA Adjustable bed rails allow the use of mattresses of different heights.

In short, you get what you pay for. Many cusses have been muttered as the nightstand drawer fell off or the bottom of the dresser draw got stuck…again. To be fair, that set held up through three moves [being taken apart each time] and only officially succumbed when our apartment had to be “heat-treated” to get rid of bed bugs [literally one of the worst experiences of my life. Ew.]. Overall though we hated the set for at least the last two years of its life. The only thing we liked was the bed, which basically sat on the ground. But when it fell apart we wanted something more solid and bought a classic sleigh bed set on ultra-clearance.

So flash forward. We buy a house. Andy becomes handy Andy. We decide we are still very “eh” about our bedroom set. He sees this tutorial from Ana White and decides “I’m going to build a new bed.” Whee!


He built the frame in about half a day [after hours of careful planning] and stained it that same day. Of course, he isn’t following the directions precisely. We have to make it our own right?

We are still waiting to get the legs we ordered, but we moved it up into our room already.


I was insistent I needed to have a nightstand/small table in our new bedroom set up. I don’t have one now and it really is a pain and makes the room look sloppy when things are on the floor, etc. I also managed to ruin the one Andy has when I put packing tape on it during our last move and it removed the finish. Whoops….

So my smart guy decided to build in a small shelf for each of us as part of the bed. Perfect, no?



I am not loving this in between stage. The bed is hard to make look nice and I feel like I am sleeping on the floor. BUT I know it is very temporary and I can’t wait to get it all settled!


Still left to do:

– Add legs [we aren’t really digging the futon feel, but the bed will still be low]

– Build rustic wooden headboard [should be an easy project for Andy, but we are trying to decide what look to do]

– Build in reading lights [this is exciting!]

– Figure out what to do about dressers…




4 thoughts on “DIY Rustic Bedframe: Part 1

  1. brett says:

    I love how this bed looks! Ive been looking for plans to make a rustic bed frame for my girlfriend for our anniversary. I was wondering what plan is this? Or do you guys have the plans for this?

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