Shoes, Spring and Sweets

Floating through my mind today…

Having a new pair of Hunter rain boots is like a sunbeam during all these rainy days. For anyone who has debated long and hard about whether to get them…do it. And then you can use them as closet decor on sunny days.


I am excited about spring but also overwhelmed at what to do with the yard. Last year I barely kept the weeds from overtaking me. This year I’m determined to do better. Thankfully it’s raining so I don’t actually have to do anything quite yet.

[I didn’t take a picture because it was raining…]

The no-sweets thing is going well. I haven’t even wanted a pop. Previously, I really did not eat a lot of candy/sweets. But now that it’s off-limits I’ve realized how sweet carbs [cereal, animal crackers, etc.] was my fall back for snacks. Empty calories. Unfortunately fruit doesn’t fill me up for too long so I am adding in mini bowls of my favorite high fiber cereals [can I get a yum for Trader Joe’s High Fiber Organic O’s? No? No one?] and slices of Ezekiel bread with a scraping of salted butter. Oh and fruit leathers! Yum! It’s hardest on days I am in the office – you can’t really pack toast and smoothies easily.


One footwear mention isn’t enough for this post…I ordered these shoes from Gap and cannot wait for them to arrive!

Happy Thursday!


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