DIY: Rustic Bed Frame, Part 2

If a year ago Andy had told me he wanted to build our bed frame and that it would only take about a weekend in total, I would have been…skeptical. About the time frame at least.

But here we are. In about two total days [spread across two weekends] we have a new bed frame, with headboard and built-in side tables. Bam!

I showed you the frame last week in Part 1. At the time the bed was just sitting flat on the floor. We ordered hairpin legs [yes, just like the ones from our bathroom vanity] because we like the look and the mixture of wood with metal.

hairpin legs

They were easy to install. We added a support in the middle of the bed too.

Unfortunately we realized that we need something to go between the legs and our hardwood floors just a few minutes too late. Whoops. We have had a rug for our room on our list forever. Having hand towels underneath each leg works for now, but isn’t exactly the “look” I was going for. Ha. I’ll take a better picture of the legs once we get a rug there. Hopefully soon!


Moving on. This Saturday Andy put together the headboard. He used oak plywood we already had. In total it probably took a little over half a day, including the staining, sanding, etc. We let it air out for a day and then we were ready to install.


Last night we carried it upstairs and Andy screwed it on! [I held it still and made sure no one was crushed by a falling headboard.]

Smart tip: Andy circled the screws that connect the headboard to the bed in red marker. That way if we ever move [Lord please no] he’ll know where to take it apart.


Here it is before we got the room cleaned up!


We originally thought we would not want our custom art still there, but we like it so far. We still may move it to another wall, but for now it can stay.


The other angle… You can see Andy added trim to the edges so it has a nice finished edge.


Side table shout out…


We still need to add in built in reading lights. We are making more changes to the master bedroom as well to make it as open and light as possible. I can’t wait. For now though I am pretty happy. I love the new bed. I like being able to sit on the end of it [couldn’t do that with the sleigh bed] and the height is perfect for me [the sleigh bed I had to kind of hop up onto]. It’s modern but rustic.

In total the whole bed cost less than $300 for wood, stain and the legs. If you didn’t do the legs [you could easily just do wood ones and then you wouldn’t need a rug…] it’d be closer to $150.

This is one our favorite DIY projects, in part because it was not that difficult for Andy, no major “dangit” moments and makes a big impact. I am excited to get the new few projects/tasks done on the room. What’s coming:

  • Find and install reading lights in the headboard
  • Get a rug for the bed
  • Move the long dresser into the guest room closet
  • Replace the tall dresser with one big enough for both of us
  • Move around stuff
  • Sleep 🙂

With spring slowly coming I am anxious to get this room “done” for now so we can start to focus on the outside!


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