Unconventional Spring Decor

This was the first weekend it looked like spring has finally come.

I say looked, because in reality it was pretty chilly, at least on Saturday. But it was sunny and not snowing, so hey that is spring to us in the Midwest.

And though we are new homeowners we do know that spring = yard work. I have a yard work update to come tomorrow [warning, it’s one of those “it looks worse before it looks better”  projects] but for today I thought I’d do a quick post and run on some…unconventional use of a high chair as decoration.

Perhaps you wondered what has become of the child’s high chair we found in Andy’s grandparents basement.

Truth?….nothing! Well I do want to paint it. But Andy would rather it stay all vintage and Pottery Barn like, so I’m submitting and leaving it be for now. But it was just sitting there. Lonely. Child bottomless. So I decided to show it a little love without the use of paint, for all those hours when it is not occupied by a diapered butt.


high_chair_artI vote if you can set a vase of flowers on top of a table, why not a high chair? I thought it looked whimsical. And you know how I love my whimsy, especially if it involves ranunculus 🙂 I tried a few different corners and decided this one, behind the dining table, was out-of-the-way enough to not be annoying or a main focal point for the room.

high_chairSo is it crazy or cute? You can be the judge [but I get veto power].



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