A Glimpse of Spring

After weeks of chilly temps and rain and feeling like SPRING IS NEVER GOING TO COME, the grass is green, the flowers are blooming and the afternoons are full of sunshine. It’s spring at our house!

The tulips and daffodils my mom helped me plant last fall are blooming nicely [I took this picture before the pink tulips really got going]. The hose is out because we planted new grass and I can’t drag the hose in and out twice a day, so on the driveway it must stay [sorry Aunt Cheryl, I know that is a no-no!].

We have more plans for Project Curb Appeal this year. On the list: tear out the yew bushes to the left of the picture. Get grass to grow. Replace outdoor light fixtures. Replace porch bench. Figure out solution for iron railing. All that to come!

I’ll be back more this week to post about TWO exciting projects. One that Andy tackled over the weekend and another that we paid someone to do all of it. Those just might be my favorite types of projects. Ha.


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