New Entrance Way(s) Tile

When we were house hunting we were looking for a fixer upper. The less cosmetic updates the better. Shag carpet? Yes please. Tacky light fixtures? Bring it! Wallpaper? I can handle it [oh so naive I was]. When we found our house we were totally fine that very little had been updated in the past two [or three] decades. We were going to change everything anyways, so we really preferred to not pay extra for anything updated.

If you’ve been hanging around the blog for a while now, you may remember we gutted our kitchen. That included the ceramic tile floor. The same tile was also in the foyer. We haaaaaaaaaaated this tile. So cheap. So beige. So awful.

Even in this blurry picture from the first night we owned the house, you can see how awful it is.little helper 2

Unfortunately it was also so new. Some months after we moved in we found out from our neighbors that the old owner replaced the old tile in order to help his house sell. So apparently, we had torn up brand new tile that some old man had painstakingly laid just months before.

Sad face.

We honestly felt bad for tearing up the new tile in the kitchen, but believe me. You would have done it too.  And really, the wood is SO much better and seamless for our open floor plan.

I don’t know what used to be in the foyer, but the previous owner used the same tile in there. Unfortunately the bathroom [and hall closet] had different tile, giving this space a super choppy look.

foyer tileThis month we decided we were short on time and had some extra cash so why not “throw some money at it” as my friend Jess would say and have the foyer and powder room [and hall closet] re-tiled!

Since we were already going to pay for our tile guy to come, we took a quick glance around to see where else we needed tile.  Remember how we added a sliding patio door so that you could access the backyard from the house [and not go through the smelly, dank garage]? Well, we quickly discovered we needed something besides carpet outside that door. That carpet was looking gross, real fast. And although we plan to replace it with someone low pile and better for hiding stains at some point, we don’t want to do it yet.

final patio door insideSO. Long [long] story short. Last week we had tile put in the foyer, powder room and rear entrance.

We chose a rectangular travertine for both spaces and a dark gray grout.

travertine_foyer_tileWhile we really like natural stone, travertine is not usually high on our list because it tends more towards the beige/brown family. In this house that just hasn’t made sense yet. But when we were at Floor & Decor and saw this gorgeous travertine that tended more towards the gray tones, we snapped it up.

foyer_tileAnd by snapped it up, I mean we hand selected every single piece to choose the ones we liked the best. And then we grouped them into the “more gray” and “more brown” piles to ensure we’d have a nice flow.

garage_entrance_tileI love the new front entrance but I know we will enjoy having tile in the back all summer long. Now that the tile is done I want to repaint the walls. I’m thinking greige?

sliding_door_tileThe sun has been shining all week, so pardon this rough picture. But you get the idea. Slide door, set feetsies on stone. Easy.

This is by far the longest post I’ve ever written for something we did so little work on. I will say though, even when you pay someone to do the heavy lifting, it’s not completely hands free. Andy uninstalled all the bathroom plumbing and we need to figure out some kind of transition between the carpet and stone in the back. Overall, money well spent and left Andy time to work on a super fun project for our bedroom. Maybe tomorrow?


4 thoughts on “New Entrance Way(s) Tile

  1. Decorum DIYer says:

    I love your tile choices as to style, color, and practical location. Great for you! I’m jealous that you have a ’tile guy’. I rely on my husband’s diy skills, but he is oh so busy with work. I guess I should put my big girl pants on and learn how to do this myself?

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