Big & Small: Thankfulness Friday

Thankfulness is a good way to start or end any week. So let’s do it. Feel free to add your own.

Small things:

Three full days of sunshine this week. Yes, we have had rain, but oh we have had SUNSHINE!

The Target Threshold line. New curtains, ooo-lala! [pics coming next week]

New grass is starting to grow.

Big things:

My husband. Yes, he is always going to be my #1 thankful. Get over it 🙂 He works hard, is good-looking and says nothing when a box from DSW arrives with two new pairs of shoes [not that that happened this week…]. What is not to love?

The local real estate market is picking up. This is good for so many people we care about!

That so many of my dearest friends are celebrating their very first Mother’s Day this weekend!

May this weekend be one of true peace and rest for you!


Past Thankfulness Friday


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