DIY: Barn Door for Master Suite

I’m not going to do a clever intro for this post. Let’s just get right to it.

Andy built a sliding barn door to go between our master bedroom and bathroom last weekend.


It’s a project he has wanted to do for a few months after seeing some inspiration like:


I figured it was pretty low on the to do list until one Thursday he informed me that was what he would be doing over the weekend. Alrighty then!

He talked to our good friend Lane who helped us order the right materials for the track from McMaster Carr. That was a huge help. He bought some wood from Lowes and everything else we had on hand.

Two days later:


I know! Right?!

Andy first mounted a beam to the wall to screw the track into. He painted that the same color as our wall. A really good choice, it blends right in.

He attached the track to the beam and the hardware to the door. He very wisely tested it a few times in between each step to make sure it fit, the door cleared the floor, etc. I will say that the door is not super quiet. I wouldn’t say it’s loud but much louder than closing a traditional door. It’s not a big deal for this space, but something to consider.


I’m just going to say it. I was REALLY unsure about the color of the door. I wanted a more neutral color and I was really worried we had too much yellow [we did] going on. But after distressing the door [similar process to how he distressed the behind the couch shelves] we went ahead and painted the door a light gray. Then Andy painted it yellow and sanded down to let some of the gray show through.


When he first hung it up I loved what it did to the room. Opened it up. Tied the yellow master closet in. Created a cool interest point on that wall. But I was still unsure about the color. However after some easy decor changes it’s not an issue. In fact, we love it!


Above is from the inside of the bathroom if you can’t tell. It is really nice to not have the door knock into the shower door. You can see that the door is not tight and flush. This is perfectly fine for two adults who have promised to love each other forever and don’t demand immense privacy. I really would not recommend this, the way we did it at least, for anywhere else in the house. 


Bonus! We hung up a new mirror! Yay! I’ve been wanting a mirror in that space [say it sandlot style]. As much as I adore our master bathroom it is still small and sometimes when my broad-shouldered husband is shaving I can’t get much mirror action to put mah face on.


The mirror is from Andy’s grandparents house. They are also the loving donors of our red chair and Pottery Barn lookalike high chair. Now that we de-yellowed the room, I dig it! We have another oval one and two rectangular ones [one is super similar to the one Katie Bower just repainted for her dining room.]

With the decor changes, the new mirror and the door I really feel like our master bedroom has come together. We have a few more things to hang and some lighting updates but we are this close to calling it done. Feels good!


6 thoughts on “DIY: Barn Door for Master Suite

  1. Decorum DIYer says:

    That is stunning! I would love to do the same for my son’t closet door, but alas, it takes up too much wall space. 😦 It looks great in your room and it suits the proportion of your wall. I really like the weathered yellow.

  2. Linnea says:

    I am in love with that mirror, it’s fantastic!

    Great job on the door – I like the yellow! Makes it a true statement piece. Andy is so handy.

  3. Diane Schultz says: two are just amazing!!!!!!! That looks great. Love that mirror 🙂 Andy, you’ve been hiding your special gifts and talents all these years. Congratulations, grands. Please tell Andy. Love you, Grandma

  4. MarcieDail says:

    Love it! I’ve been considering doing this in our mastersuite when/if we ever gut and knockout walls but I think it is too hip for my traditional house.
    You hip, cool, Chicago kids 😉

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