One of the challenges of the DIY home remodeler life is that nothing ever really feels finished. Your inspiration for a room rarely comes all at once, but rather in pieces over time.

With the addition of our new barn door in our master bed/bath I immediately realized many of the details I was so excited about before and now. Way too much yellow. Mission De-Yellow was on!

Our yellow curtains that I was so excited about? No way, no how. That yellow throw that was perfect for curling up? You’re outta here.

I found some new curtains from Target [Threshold line, duh] that were actually exactly what I wanted for the room originally. However, after some discussion we ended up putting them downstairs in the living room and bringing those curtains up.


We are still looking for a new dresser so the curtains won’t always be like this.


I’m much happier with the new curtains downstairs. They are thicker and provide more privacy when closed. That big room can also handle the little splash of color better than our bedroom. The thin white curtains with the gray branch design work great in our room where we never need to close them [we have  blinds] and it really is purely for visual interest.

threshold_curtainsOh! I don’t think I ever posted about the rug we got. It’s from Overstock. It’s a nice polyester blend shag that is soft, thick and doesn’t shed. Perfect for our bedroom. Originally we weren’t sold on the off-white color but now that we’ve changed things around its jiving just fine.

overstock_shag_rugCurrently the old bedroom curtains are in our guest room. I’m trying to figure out where we can re-use them. Maybe I should pull a Scarlett and make a nice dress out of them? Or maybe not.



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