Too Much and Too Little

Lately, when people ask me what’s new, I internally stutter to answer. Nothing? Life is the same mostly. We change a paint color here or there, we go out to dinner. I buy a new pair of shoes. Nothing is really new.

Then again in some ways there is so much going on that I can barely keep track. Too many things fighting for mind share. Too many things I need to think about, reflect on, process. Too many things to plan for, give attention to, make special.

While I sift through the chaos of too much and too little going on, a few updates and thoughts I don’t want to forget:

I did my first half marathon of 2013 this weekend with some good friends. I took 4 minutes off my last time, despite a nagging hip issue [which thankfully is disappearing]. I am pleased.

With the help of our small group, we have mostly completed the front yard landscaping. I am delighted.

Some precious and beloved friends are moving far away. Soon. I am sad.

We celebrated our fifth anniversary in downtown Indianapolis, as Andy was there for business. We ate a fabulous meal. I had duck and there was pepper in my dessert. It was special. I am in love.

When I have a free moment here or there I am busy planning our anniversary trip to Portland and Seattle later this summer. I am excited.

Although at times the days seem crazy, and I’m tempted to wish we were in a different place, I’m trying to savor this overflowing portion of our lives. While yes, the days overflow with things to do and people to see, they also overflow with joy and laughter, love and friendship. We are happy.


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